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Sayulita Slackin’

One of my absolute favourite places in Mexico is Sayulita. Located on the west coast just north of Puerto Vallarta, Sayulita is a not-so-sleepy fishing and surfing village, where no building is taller than a palm tree. The weather is almost always sunny – not prone to the tropical storms of the east side. And so warm!!!! It’s a great alternative to the busy-ness of PV – a perfect place to get away to do almost nothing. Oh, and take in a few unbelievable, yellow-orangey-red-looks-like-the-sky-is-on-fire sunsets while you’re at it.

Sayulita at twilight.

The last time me and the husbo were there, we went out to dinner to a very quaint and quirky Argentine restaurant called el Tejón, in the “downtown” square. The food was amazing, very authentic, and the wine decent. Sorry no website – they’re old school. Anyway, while we’re dining, along comes what appears to be a very intoxicated cowboy perched atop a white horse, complete with bright pink shirt, scarf, and a white cowboy hat to match. You really couldn’t miss him.

We happened to be sitting at a table right on the street when this guy comes galloping towards us at full, breakneck speed, beer bottle in hand. He screeched to halt, kicking up rocks and dust, so close to us that I almost ducked under the table (much to my husband’s chagrin). Drunk Cowboy then puts his beer bottle down on a ledge right above where we were sitting, jerks the horse around (almost falling off in the process) and then gallops back down the cobblestone street to another row of shops lining the square. Back and forth he goes, stopping every so often to take a slug of the beer (he seemed to acquire a fresh one every few rounds). This goes on for, oh, about an hour or so, and by this time we’ve joined the many spectators lining the street to watch Drunk Cowboy. I mean, it doesn’t get better than this. It’s better than any street show I’ve ever seen, that’s for sure. And he wasn’t even trying – trying not to stay on the horse, I mean. That poor horse – so patient.

Drunk Cowboy terrorizing the streets of Sayulita.

Anyway, as we were watching, I had to jump out of the way because, yet again, this guy almost crashes into me. As I did so, I bumped into another couple who were cheerfully watching the scene. We started talking, became fast friends and, as the show came to a close (I think Drunk Cowboy finally fell off the horse), proceeded to the nearest tequila bar to, well, drink tequila. After a while we realized we ran out of money, so the husbo (his name’s Cam, by the way), went to the one and only ATM in the town to find out it had been stolen. Off he goes via taxi back to our home base: Casa Escondida (which was fortunately only 5 mins away – gotta love this town) to get more $. He comes back only to discover that the bill was covered after all and it was time to go. Ah, well.

Here’s Drunk Cowboy the next day washing a different horse. Not a bad plan – all this water – may as well do something with it, right?

Horse and rider taking a bath.

Ah, it really takes me back…I won’t have to wait long – we’ll be there in 6 days and counting. It can’t come soon enough.

– S

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