Embracing the weirdness.

I’m a big lover of history, art, culture, and new discoveries – let’s just say my favourite magazine is National Geographic. Not too surprisingly, one of my biggest passions in life is traveling. Traveling as in not just going places for the sake of it, but really experiencing places. The first landing. The smell. The anticipation of the new, the untouched, the unseen. Laughing with the locals, witnessing a Balinese funeral procession in the street, singing Christmas carols in Spanish with Mexican children at a local resto. Getting lost in the twisting, winding (and often smelly) corridors of Venice. Fumbling with the language, feeling like an idiot, eating tapas and swilling wine in a small, crowded bar in Spain’s old-quarter. Dining in a underground grotto wine cellar in a medieval fort in southern France, eating duck liver and trying to talk over the blaring music of Celine Dion.

Traveling isn’t about another notch in your belt, nor should it be about the comforts of home. It’s about embracing the weirdness. There’s a little bit of it everywhere (and in some places, a lot), and most often it’s unexpected. I love it – it feeds my soul, reminds me of how lucky I am to be able to experience all the amazing wonders this earth has to offer. Even if I never travelled again (very slim chance of that, but you never know), I could honestly say I am happy and fulfilled with what I’ve seen, experienced, smelled and tasted. I wish to share some of it with you, before I get (really) old and forget how to tie my shoes, let alone recall the time a monkey climbed up my back and started picking at my hair at a monkey forest in Bali. Or when the husbo nearly fell off a 800-foot waterfall in Hawaii. Okay, maybe I don’t really want to remember that, LOL.

So, consider this blog an unorthodox adult travel series of sorts: from Barcelona to Bali, Sydney to Sayulita, Nice to Negril, you will find a little bit of everything: funny stories and insights, pictures, pictures of the weirdness, hidden gems of places to stay, links to awesome eateries, things to eat (or not to eat), even how to keep up your exercise routine, if you’re so inclined (and don’t have access to some swank gym facility). Most importantly, have a read if you just want to escape or need a good laugh (or both).

Next stop: Sayulita, Mexico, for the third time. Fittingly, it’s my first travel post. Some places you just can’t get enough of.

– S

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